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UNESCO Chair: Human Rights and the Ethics of International Cooperation

Second level degree in Human Rights and the Ethics of International Cooperation

Area bacheca: 875&

Second level degree: Human Rights and the Ethics of International Cooperation
Class: LM-81 - Cooperation and Development
Co-ordinator: Prof. Stefania Licini - e-mail stefania.licini@unibg.it - tel. +39 035 2052 504

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere (M. Luther King)
Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world (Nelson Mandela)

  • To acquire an advanced knowledge of educational, psychological, sociological, economic, historical, political and juridical subjects in order to enable the analysis and the interpretation of specific educational, social, economic and institutional features of the emerging countries.
  • To tackle the issues related to Human Rights, both in the European and in the worldwide context, particularly as far as the problems related with Cultural and People's Rights are concerned, in order to thoroughly inquire their effectiveness.
  • To develop the necessary scientific skills for the creation, the planning and the implementation of emergency actions and of integrated projects and programs of development cooperation , of economic and social development and of institutional reinforcement.

Career opportunites
The profession figures and studies prosecution perspectives are:

  • specialists in human, social and managerial sciences for Research Institutes with an international outreach, for NGOs and for other organisations active in the field of the elaboration and the management of international projects (at a regional, national and European level)
  • specialists in training and research: cooperation with both public (Universities, business associations, trade unions, Chamber of Commerce) and private (banks, associations for cooperation, etc?) institutes of research
  • Development workers for local (Municipalities, Provinces, Regions, Dioceses), national, international and civil society organisations (NGOs)
  • Experts in the field of Human Rights and of development cooperation; officials of public administrations, of international organisations (UN, EU, World Bank) and of local institutions (decentralized cooperation developed by Regions, Provinces, Municipalities) with a subsidiarity view
  • Trainers of the NGOs and of industrial sector middle managers.

Enrolment requisites
First level University degree or suitable foreign qualification.
Adequate knowledge of an European language.

Entry test
Individual interview.

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