This page is intended for those students who have been selected and nominated by their home University to participate in the Erasmus+/Exchange Program with Università degli studi di Bergamo.

Before starting to fill in the forms,Exchange/Eramus+ students should first contact their International Office and read the document below –Admission procedure: Memo.

Students are required  to fill out the APPLICATION ON LINE (click “send” and print it) and collect documents mentioned below.

All documents have to be duly signed, stamped and sent by home University.

Deadlines to submit forms are:

  • June 15th: 1st semester/academic year
  • November 1st: for 2nd semester 

Incomplete applications (missing signatures, information, documents) or any application that is handwritten, or modified in any way, will not be accepted.


ERASMUS/Exchange students are requested to send the Learning Agreement for studies –before mobility- properly filled in, signed and stamped by the student and the student’s Home University Coodinator by the deadline specified below.

  • August 30th ( students who come for the 1st semester/full academic year)
  • November 1st ( students who come for the 2nd semester )


Please note : The learning Agreement should be typed and not handwritten.Table A and B are compulsory and must be completed in detail.



Each Department sets and approves the Course Catalogue. The Course catalogues will be available from JULY onwards

Please note that though most courses don’t differ from one year to the next, the semester in which the courses are held, might change.

COURSE INDEX: for each Department  (here on the right) is a tool to help students plan the course units they would like to attend once in Bergamo.

It is a list of all the course units, their codes, the professors who teach them and the semester(s) in which they are offered. Please pay attention to this when organizing your study plan.

 In addition, each Department offers some  English taught subjects

At the  Department of Management, Economic and Quantitative Methods there are TWO special programs held in English:

Boarding Pass Program: first  semester – Master level 

Summer Business Program (Missouri): second semester – Bachelor level



As Erasmus/Exchange Student you will be given the chance to find a room in private flats to be shared with other Erasmus/Exchange students through the  Accommodation Service of the University of Bergamo (here on the right).

Before you apply, please make sure you have first completed the Admission/ Registration procedure and sent all relevant forms to the International Office.