Academic Calendars at the University of Bergamo depend on the Department where students are going to study. (box on the right)

Students  will find the dates of beginning-end of courses for each semester and the dates for the exam session.

Moreover, students are requested to stay in Bergamo until the end of their exam session. Do not leave without notifying the International Office beforehand.


ERASMUS/Exchange students can change their Learning Agreement within three weeks after the beginning of semester.

Changes must be modified filling in the form below. It must be  supervised and signed by the International Office at University of Bergamo.

Therefore, an appointment by email should be required to the International Office; they will help students to complete it.

Then, once signed, students have to  send it by email to Home University for the final approval and bring back to University of Bergamo  International Office  signed and stamped.


Students can check and read information related to their university career, in a restricted- access web area.

Students can:

  • monitor their career (libretto)
  • register for exams (appelli – bacheca prenotazioni)

Please login with the personal User ID and password, received authomatically through the Online Pre-registration.



Students are not authomatically registered for the exams, at the University of Bergamo you must register on your “Sportello Internet to take exams. Students can register for the exams until 5 days before the exam date.

Students have to pass written and/or oral examination at the end of the course. According to Italian law, exams may be oral/written, may be practical tests, graphic tests, mini-thesis, interviews, etc.

The exam calendars are available on the UNIBG website. In Italy, the exam dates are called “appelli d’esame”. They refer to the dates set by the Department in which they can take the final exams. Usually (except for written languages exams - only one appello), there are at least two “appelli d’esame” and therefore, students can choose, among the available dates, the one in which you would like to take your exams.

Some departments  have mid-term/partial exams (“prove intermedie or prova in itinere”). The teacher will point it out at the beginning of the course.


The minimum grade to pass the exam is 18/30. The highest mark is (30/30 cum laude). Students may refuse to accept a mark awarded if they are not satisfied wit the result and may re-sit the exam. If a student fails an exam by a very small margin, they are not given 17/30 – they must re-sit the exam in any case.

Please note that certain courses may be taken under the pass/fail option. Under such registration, the only final grades available to the student are Pass (IDONEO) or Fail. That means that the exam is passed, the credits are assigned but no grade appears on the transcript.


If a student fails an exam, they may sit it again by choosing the next available date in the exam session. It is extremely important to know that if students want to re-sit the exam they have to be present in Bergamo .

The re-examinations will NOT be faxed, sent or e-mailed to the Home Institution in case the student has already returned to his/her Home country. For this reason, students are required to stay in Bergamo until the end the exam session or at least all exams have been registered.