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nb: up to Round XXX (a.y. 2014/2015)

CULTURAL STUDIES IN LITERARY INTERZONES is the only humanities PhD chosen by the European Union's Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) as part of the Mundus II Programme. The University of Bergamo is the coordinating institution..

Category A and Category B fellowships are offered to gifted candidates in the field of comparative literature, visual culture and anthropology. The monthly salary, from which to deduct tax owed by the fellowship holder, is 2,000 Euros (plus travel and installation costs).

The tuition languages are French and English. A minimum of 3 European languages is required from candidates to make them truly competitive.

International mobility patterns include 16 Universities in five continents, and are suited to each student's scientific and linguistic profile. The Interzones Consortium comprises 5 degree-awarding Partner Universities: Bergamo (Italy), Tübingen (Germany), Perpignan (France), Fluminense (Rio, Brazil), and Jawarhal Neru (New Delhi, India), and 11 Associate Member Universities: Aix Marseille1 (France), Barcelona (Spain), Brown (USA), Entre Rios (Argentina), Jagellonian (Poland), Iberoamerican (Mexico), Paris 3 (France), Paris 10 (France), Sydney (Australia), St. Petersburg (Russia) and Zürich (Switzerland).

Successful PhD students will be awarded a fully-recognised double degree, in addition to diploma supplements certifying their achievements in other doctoral school(s). This is how they will become either the "global academics" which top universities seek out in the fields of European comparative literatures and cultural studies, or high-flying consultants in private business sectors interested in global cultural phenomena.