News & Events

Lunch Seminars organized at Bergamo University, Dept. of Management, Economics and Quantitative Methods Address: Via dei Caniana 2, Bergamo - Room 15 (Aula Bertocchi)
  • Tuesday 19/06/2018, h 12:00-13:00; The Robust resource constrained project scheduling problem; Lecturer: Maria Elena Bruni, Calabria University
  • Tuesday 12/06/2018, h 12:00-13:00; Empirical identification of alternative monetary rules; Lecturer: Milena Lopreite, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Institute of economics
  • Tuesday 15/05/2018, h 12:00-13:00; TBA; Lecturer: Daniela Maggioni, Ca' Foscari University Venice
  • Tuesday 24/04/2018, h 12:00-13:00; Guaranteed bounds in Stochastic Programs and Distributionally Robusts Approaches; Lecturer: Georg Pflug, University of Vienna
  • Tuesday 17/04/2018, h 12:00-13:00; TBA; Lecturer: Claudio Lucifora, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore Milano
  • Tuesday 20/03/2018, h 12:00-13:00; Partial benders decompositions for network design; Lecturer: Mike Hewitt, Chicago Loyola University (Illinois, US)
  • Tuesday 13/03/2018, h 12:00-13:00; TBA; Lecturer: Yaron Yehezkel, Tel Aviv University
  • Tuesday 20/02/2018, h 12:00-13:00; Equilibrium models and Variational Inequalities; Lecturer: Igor Konnov, University of Kazan (Russia)
  • Tuesday 13/02/2018, h 12:00-13:00; Democracy, Dictatorship and the Cultural Transmission of Political Values; Lecturer: Davide Ticchi, Università Politecnica delle Marche
  • Tuesday 30/01/2018, h 12:00-13:00; Pricing and Hedging GDP-linked Bonds in Incomplete Markets; Lecturer: Andrea Consiglio, University of Palermo
  • Tuesday 23/01/2018, h 12:00-13:00; TBA; Lecturer: Rosario Crinò, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore Milano
  • Tuesday 19/12/2017, h 12:00-13:00; Contamination Technique in a Stochastic Dominate Asset-Liability Management Model; Lecturer: Miloš Kopa, Charles University of Prague
  • Tuesday 12/12/2017, h 12:00-13:00; Asymmetric Jump Beta Estimation with Implications for Portfolio Risk Management; Lecturer: Vitali Alexeev, University of Technology Sydney
  • Tuesday 21/11/2017, h 12:00-13:00; Detecting Subnational Diffusion Processes of Lethal Terrorism: Global Study, 2010-2014;Lecturer: André Python, University of Lausanne 
  • Friday 10/11/2017, h 12:00-13:00; Determining factors of cross-country dispersion in life satisfaction: evidence from Europe; Lecturer: Daphne Nicolitsas, University of Crete
    Lunch Seminars organized at Bergamo University, Dept. of Management, Information and Production Engineering
    Lunch Seminars organized at Pavia University, Dept. of Economics and Management Address: Via San Felice 5, Pavia - Board Room
    • Tuesday 21/11/2017, h 16:00-17:00; Persistence of innovation in times of crisis: evidence from Italian firms; Lecturer: Sandro Montresor, Kore University of Enna
    • Tuesday 21/11/2017, h 13:00-14:00; Emerging market multinationals; Lecturer: Jean-Francois Hennart, Tilburg University Center for Research in Economics and Business
    • Thursday 23/11/2017, h 13:00-14:00; Uncertainty-driven Comovements in Booms and Busts: A Structural Interpretation; Lecturer: Giovanni Pellegrino, University of Melbourne
    • Friday 24/11/2017, h 11:00-13:00; Hybrid-air at PSA Peugeot Citroën: A case study on a technology development through a skunk works project; Lecturer: Joaquin Alegre Vidal, University of Valencia
    • Tuesday 28/11/2017, h 13:00-14:00; Measuring Geopolitical Risk; Lecturer: Dario Caldara, Federal Reserve Board of Governors
    • Tuesday 01/12/2017, h 11:00-13:00; Publishing in Peer Reviewed Journals; Lecturer: Ilan Alon University of Agder