The PhD program in Applied Economics and Management (AEM) is run jointly by University of Pavia (Department of Economics and Management) and University of Bergamo (Department of Management, Information and Production Engineering and Department of Management, Economics and Quantitative Methods).

The AEM program offers PhD students a wide range of skills, both instrumental and specialized, in the fields of Economics and Management. The program provides acquisition of high competence skills in quantitative analysis, with a widespread coverage of techniques. The main focus is on data analysis, with applications to:

  • companies and businesses having information regarding customers
  • industry regulation and cost-benefit analysis
  • business performances and competitive strategies
  • economics applied to market analysis.

PhD students will learn how to deal with the growing economic complexity in business and economic analysis deriving from the greater interactions and interdependencies in socio-economic and financial relationships. The research activity performed during the program will have high scientific standard and give rise to developments in basic and applied research starting with interdisciplinary training.

The AEM PhD programme qualifies as "Innovative" according to the Italian Ministry of University and Research (MIUR) Guidelines since it fulfils the requirement "International PhD", having a 25% share of the Faculty composed by academics working for international universities. Teaching and research activities will be delivered and develop in English.

The PhD program is based on a three-year research activity. It is coordinated by the Faculty Committee, which is also responsible for selecting each PhD student's supervisor. The Committee periodically verifies in Research Workshops that the students successfully fulfil all the requirements to achieve the final degree.

During the first year, students attend advanced courses on quantitative methods and acquire in-depth competencies in Applied Economics and Management. Courses are designed in order to gain knowledge and methods that may be applied in research activities belonging to these fields. Students are evaluated through assignments and their skill in reading and explaining scientific papers. During the first year, students also choose the research field and the topic of their dissertation thesis, which will be presented at a Research Workshop.

During the second year, students typically spend a period abroad attending specialized courses in foreign universities and/or research centres, in order to strengthen their specific competences. They have to give a seminar on heir first research paper at a Research Workshop.

The third year is dedicated to the second research paper and to the completion of the thesis. The latter must adequately comply with international standards. Students give a final seminar on the results they have achieved. After that, they have to submit their thesis to two referees and then refine their research according to the received reports. After the final approval of the two referees they will have to defend their thesis with a jury composed of an international pvanel of academic experts. If the discussion is successful, students receive the Ph.D. degree (Dottore di Ricerca).


Expected employment and professional opportunities:

  • Academic career in Italian and European universities
  • Management career with initial business positions on data analysis, marketing analysis, international business, innovation and start-up of new businesses
  • Positions regarding market analysis, competition, pricing, cost-benefit analysis, in Italian and European agencies and in trade association organization
  • Consultancy companies, with initial position on data analysis, customer behaviour analysis, financial performances.


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